CA. Gaurav Bansal

Gaurav Bansal is a commerce graduate from Delhi University, a qualified fellow Chartered Accountant , and a CISA and DISA certified professional .

A partner at AGAP and CO, India's leadingfirm for telecom regulatory licenses & compliances, tax advisory and assurance services, he brings in his unique and analytical approach to business consultation services.

He specializes in the field of telecom licensing, regulatory compliances, business setup, business restructuring, direct taxation, IP services, international tax, risk advisory, FEMA advisory, and information system audit services. Since the past 6 years of practicing as a full-time chartered accountant, Gaurav Bansal has also developed a unique, technocratic mindset -- leveraging tech-driven solutions in various domains including healthcare and legal. He has experience in dealing with regulatory and compliance services for fortune 500 companies and S&P companies.

While providing consultations to all types of corporate entities, he has developed a unique insight in the matter of accounting and its legal precedence.


CA. Abhinav Agrawal

The life story of Abhinav Agrawal is the same one that has permeated throughout the history of powerful individuals with humble beginnings. Born in 1987, Mr. Abhinav Agrawal soon showcased their proclivity for sports. That took fruition at the age of 17 when in 2004, he became the sports team captain of his school Maharaja Aggrasain Aadharsh Public School. the same year that he was made captain, he led his team at the state level championships. His dedication towards the sport and the name he made for his school and himself led him to get a scholarship in GGS IP university.

Soon after, he starting taking his first steps towards making his dream of becoming a CA a reality. After passing all the requisites with flying colours he started his articleship at SS kothari in 2007 at the young age of 20. Within that organization, he took charge of internal audits and started getting known for his willingness to take initiative, and fostering good relationships with his co workers. Afterwards, he put his expertise of internal auditing for Indorama. He led SAP implementation at KARLI store and also led the auditing team of OLAM international. All his willingness to take initative, hardwork and ferocious dedication gave him the full Chartered Accountant status in 2011. After becoming CA, he went back to his roots where it all began, SS kothari, where he served in increased capacity from 2011 to 2012.


CA. Ankit Sajjan Goyal

CA. Ankit Sajjan Goyal has over Fourteen years of experience in his areas of practice of and has a brilliant academic record.

He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2010 and a qualified Information System Auditor (DISA). He also completed Master & bachelor degree in commerce and in law respectively. He has acted as a speaker at various forums relating to his area of expertise.

He has immense experience in the field of GST advisory, Audit & Assurance, Company Law matters, Bank Finance advisory, Internal Control work and Direct & Indirect Taxation assignments. He has over the last decade, worked in different practice areas within the Firm, including auditing, domestic taxation, financial and corporate advisory.


CA. Sachin Chawla

Sachin Chawla is a commerce graduate from Agra university, a qualified chartered accountant (2015) and a DISA certified professional.

He is a partner at Agap and Co which is India's leading firms for telecom regulatory compliance/licensing, tax advisory and audit assurance services. His thorough and analytical approach has helped the firm since 2016.

His specialty lies in the field of business formation/management, tax consultation, FEMA consultation, IP consultation, risk advisory and auditing services. As a chartered account, he has served various industries including health-tech and fintech in managing their accounting needs. By leveraging computer aided accounting solutions, he has carved a unique niche in the domain of business consultation services.


CA. Komal Bansal

Komal Bansal is a commerce graduate from Delhi university, a qualified fellow Chartered Accountant and a DISA certified professional.

She is a partner at AGAP and CO, India's leader in business consultations, tax advisory, auditing and assurances services. Before joining hands with this firm, she worked as a solopreneur during which she gained experience in internal audits and indirect taxation.

Having been successfully qualified as a Chartered Accountant by ICAI, she has practiced the craft of accounting since the last 8 years. Her unique and tech-driven perspective towards business solutions has given her insights in services that include auditing, indirect tax, business formation, business license consultation and start-up advisory. By implementing her vast experience, she has helped all types of corporations, especially ecommerce enterprises, maintain their legal standing by thorough implementation of regulatory services. She has most experience in dealing with business domains that include healthcare, finance, and manufacturing industry.


Dushyant Sharma

There are many domains for entrepreneurs to start a business in. There are equally many legal prerequisites for them. As a startup specialist, Dushyant Sharma helps the veteran and emerging entrepreneurs navigate the legal minefield of business incorporation, business licensing, IPRs and more. Being a business consultant, he often finds his eyes buried in details about various business licenses. That’s how his interest in BIS consultations emerge. As a law, it has always existed but recently, there have been so many changes made to it that people have a hard time keeping up. To provide his clients with insight into the BIS requirements and aiding in BIS certification, Dushyant provides his BIS services in a way that is customized as per the requirements of his clients.


CA. Megha Goyal

CA. Megha Goyal. She is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, since 2019. She has completed her Bachelor of Commerce from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur. She had a consistently good academic record and has successfully pursued courses relating to company and allied Law.

She has experience in the field of taxation, GST, Audit, and has conducted various internal audits, management audits and statutory audits for various organizations. She has accumulated rich experience in almost all fields of professional services, industrial sectors and diverse clients.


CA. Amol Laturiya

B.Com, ACA, CA. Amol Laturiya is an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2017. He has also successfully completed Certification Course in relation to Concurrent . He is senior managing partner of branch located in Pune, India.

He has immense experience in the field of Bank Audit and has conducted audit of various renowned banks that were under the process of merger. He also has expertise in Audit & Assurance matters, Bank Finance advisory and Direct & Indirect Taxation assignments.


CA. Sunny Goyal

Sunny Goyal is a commerce graduate from Delhi University and a qualified chartered accountant.

Being a partner at Agap and Co, he specializes in bringing his unique, analytical and critical approach to taxation services of all kinds.

His speciality lies in business formation services, startup advisory services, tax consultation, risk assessment and auditing services. Having served a gamut of industries from fintech, manufacturing, and health-tech domain, he has a unique perspective towards the matter of internal audits. A niche accountant, he leverages a tech-driven approach towards critically analyzing the transactions and providing a robust audit report to clients.